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Where we came in.
The goal was simple.
Maximise engagement & conversions.

From the previous year of this event, universal feedback indicated a need to organise attendees through the venue. The second goal was to drive clients to landing pages that offered IBM cloud services and for hosting and developing. Ultiimately the target was to sell IBM services and not AR.

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Modern Framework

Grounding future technology into practical solutions for familiar pain points.


Maintaining the identity of IBM throughout the App and AR creative.

User delight

Facilitating attendees by centering all creative around their experience.

Technology Expert analysis

AR seamless integration
Engagement up by 300%

By announcing a unique experience of augmented reality at the event, a conversation was started online as followers spread the news through social feeds. This intern drove sign ups from intrigued individuals and also App downloads. Having a live App ready for download was key to the success of reaching, and ultimately breaking the download target.

Social recap
The core feature
Event and keynote schedule

While AR was an attraction point, centralising event details created real value by transforming the App into an information Hub.

Making it count
Pictures, or it didn't happen

A major feature that boosted social media traction was the ability to capture images and video recordings of AR in action.

We didn't sell AR
We sold clients on IBM services

Through seamless integration of call to actions within interactive AR creative, we drove clients to IBM cloud services.

Delivering for impact
What made it work?

A healthy balance of innovation, functional value and a user centered approach is what propelled downloads by over 300% from the previous year.

Get a glimpse

Download ‘IIf 2018’ and experience a live demo on Android or iOS.

No better way to show you than to, show you so we’ve kept the App running. In the App you’ll find different components for event and speaker schedule. Along with this, you will find ‘AR Experience.’ Select this feature and follow the instructions. Once your device has accessed the AR mode, click and expand any of the three images below to view the AR creative though your phone camera.

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Project takeaways

More than just 'AR'

Implementing augmented reality generated excitement in a way that a simple event agenda App could not. Innovation became the main topic of conversation as business and technology professionals shared their excitement on social online platforms.

We capitalised on this by adding more value in the App with an event agenda which helped maintain engagement with several areas of the venue. As attendees moved through the space, strategically placed AR activations took them to landing pages which intern drove impressions on IBM’s cloud offerings.


What this means for you

This case study demonstrates a niche solution for engagement problems at events. That being said, engagement is the pain point in many other setting. By beginning and ending with delightful experiences for your target audience, AR becomes the unsung hero through seamless integration.

The solution we will provide is great for accompanying campaigns, or interaction projects as it can be scaled for thousands of people or mere a handful at the time. Analyse your business goals and let’s work together on achieving them.

We create premium designs and technology.

A digital studio crafting beautiful experiences.

While the niche of this solution lies in it’s technology, there peripheral steps that need equal attention to make it work. We specialise in these areas also. Broken down they are, UI/UX, Visual design, Motion graphics and 3D vfx. Let us know how we can help you in these areas.

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The social feed

AR generated many conversations on social networks. This played a key role in the marketing campaign the 300% increase of downloads from the previous year.